Total Solar Eclipse - April 8 2024 - Map

This is the best solar eclipse prediction software I have found. It works on a phone but looks better on a PC. It is difficult to predict what the cloud cover will be like on Monday at 1:35pm. But I do know that at my place on the south side the totality of the solar eclipse will last for 1m 55s. A maximum possible time of 4m 27s can be had in Texas depending on where you are located. I also find it very interesting (mind blown) that traveling only a very few miles from my house would increase the time of totality by tens of seconds. Travel time is much more productive on the edge of the eclipse’s path as we are here in Austin.

So, my tentative plan includes driving to Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis. I love this lake. It’s one of the best parks on the lake. Gates open at sunrise for day use. Totality here will be 3m 38s nice. Traffic will be a nightmare most places near the path of the eclipse so plan ahead. I already hit up Alamo Welding for helmet replacement shade glass #14, Remember, if you use the pinhole method to view the eclipse you are meant to cast a shadow with the pinhole onto another piece of paper and not use the pinhole directly to view the eclipse. I’ve seen stories of people getting this wrong and actually talked to someone who was confused about the proper procedure. Yikes!


Got some pretty good pictures. Cloudy weather actually helped the camera see the eclispe. Pretty difficult to see through the glasses

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We went to Burnet and got really lucky with the clouds, especially during the 4m totallity.


I got a late start headed towards Lake Travis. The really bad bumper to bumper traffic on 71 started just before the turn off for Pace Bend Park which was not crowded at all. The patchy clouds broke to get a pretty good view of things. The experience was amazing and yet hard to describe. Photos cannot convey being there in real life. It gave me shivers. I felt like I was witness to the inner workings of a master machine. I felt both very small and very large at the same time.

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