Tormach Tool Setter and Probe

In the spirit of, well let’s call it a “beta” update for the Tormach, there is now an electronic tool setter in the drawers next to the machine. It works now if you understand what to do with it, but I need to machine a plate for it so it can be repeatably placed. I’ll write up instructions on how to use it, but it’s all set up in PathPilot and it measured my tools within .0002” of what I had in the library already, and honestly is probably more correct.

I already have a probe fully functional as well but I haven’t left it at the shop yet. It’s “fragile” enough that I need to build some sort of foam lined case for it to live in when not in use.

Having used both of these upgrades to make chips with, I can say that it’s a huge, huge productivity upgrade, especially if you don’t have your own tool holders.


Thanks Josh!

Definitely a big upgrade for those of us without our own toolholders, which I’d warrant is almost all of us.

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Thank you so much. Josh.