Tormach now has WiFi

I added a USB WiFi dongle that I had laying around the house to the Tormach controller’s USB hub. It is labeled as such, in hopes that it will remain there. You can now post from your laptop to the Tormach file system directly instead of having to sling USB drives around.

The controller shows up as a windows shared drive labeled “tormachpcnc”. The only shared folder is called “gcode” and that folder is the same list of files that shows in the PathPilot interface.

The ideal workflow is to choose the gcode folder (or a sub folder with your name) as the output path of an NC Program in Fusion360, such that clicking Post will write the gcode directly to the Tormach. I used this for several hours today and it was a delightful improvement in user experience. Also, re-posting / overwriting with tweaks is immediately picked up by PathPilot and it prompts you to reload the file in the controller.

All that and I still managed to launch a piece of stock out of a vice twice today :persevere:


Awesome. Thank you.

At least your workpiece was still connected via WiFi :grin:

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Thanks, this saved my day today as I forgot to bring the right adapter for my SD card.