Tormach needs coolant

We kinda breezed over filling it up in the training. The manual seems to say just dump some DI water in the sump. Approximately how much? Is there any mix or additive that goes in?

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@EricP is the man to ask, however I’ve added regular tap water to the tormach under his instruction. Ideally, we’d use the DI from the lab, but last I checked it has algae growing in it.

For how much, I would recommend just filling it up until you can feel water in the coolant tank.

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Thanks Brendan,
yep @jimbojsb there is no float so if you just open the door on the left and fill it up until you can feel it with your finger in there.(Tap water is okay but DI is preferred) I’ll check the manual and make sure I have it pictured clearly. Yes there is concentrate that gets put in but its the water that mostly evaporates so the concentration stays pretty stable.
If you see that there is some flash rust appearing on the vise/table that is the main indicator that the concentration needs to be increased, just ping me if you see that is happening and I’ll adjust it.

Got it. I’ll top it up next time I’m in. No flash rust on the main table exposed areas or anything but I did move and re-tram the vice to get some clearance and there is a rust footprint where it was sitting. Also happy to clean that up if there is a preferred way.


Did you get a copy of this document?
Tormach Operation Manual 9-1-2020.docx