Tormach Coolant

I have added around two gallons of distilled water over the past 5 days and the overall volume is still low enough that pressure goes down during longer sessions/cuts.

Yesterday I thoroughly cleaned the chip trap and the reservoir looks clear. Overall level was low, maybe 1cm. So I’m thinking it just needs a larger refill. Google says it should be able to hold up to 12 gallons.

Would a steward let me know what coolant is currently loaded and if there is available stock? I’m familiar with using the refractometer to check that it’s 5%.

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I’ve had to add another gallon in the middle of my last session that was about 3 hours long. I don’t remember having to do this before.

I wonder if we can add an external coolant level monitor, I’ll be honest, the get-down-and-open-the-door-and-poke-a-finger-into-the-tank step is very cumbersome and I think this as well as a more accessible light switch would be some good quality-of-life Tormach improvements.

It seems newer Tormach models have a sight glass for coolant, which wouldn’t be too tricky to retrofit. e.g. Tormach Approved: Coolant Sight Gauge Kit

somebody suitably inclined could probably rig up a remote level display with a float sensor, but that might be more trouble than it’s worth (unless someone just finds it a fun project, in which case don’t let me stop you :slight_smile: )

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The Tormach coolant is the Fusion brand; there is a big bucket of the concentrate in the bottom of the machine shop cabinet. If you want to mix some up, I’ll DM you info about the tools you’ll need.

That would be great, thank you.

This lidar fuel level sensor could also work with pretty minimal modification

Info sent. @EricP , are we mixing the Fusion coolant according to directions, or are we aiming for a target Brix?

Mixing via the instructions should give you a brix of 5 , this is roughly where we want it to be.

As Matt has said before its best not to put direct DI water in but premix in the 1 gal or a bucket before hand.

Unfortunately an additional reservoir or a replacement tank to bring the coolant up to 20+ gallons is probably the only solution to not having to add coolant on longer runs. 12 gallons is simply not big enough.

vented backup tank gravity fed to a toilet float valve?

Whether topping off with mix or water we’d have to keep an eye on the tank concentration.

We can get a bucket to keep premixed coolant in if it’s needed.

Ok, some findings:

  1. The capacity is actually 7 gallons, not 11 (11 is the newer model). Ref: Tormach PCNC 1100 Technical Specifications
  2. The volume was OK, I estimate it at 6 gallons.
  3. The mix was very light, just around 1.
  4. I added 1 gallon, premixed in a bucket at 35%, resulting in a little above 4:
  5. I cleaned the chip tray, confirmed there were no clogs of chips in the reservoir, and ran without losing pressure for ~40 minutes. This was with nozzle pointed straight at the drain.

I have several sessions planned for the next couple of weeks and will re-adjust after there has been some evaporation and there is room to add more fluid.

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I’ve gotten a couple of additional buckets and lids, which means we should be able to store more pre-mixed lubricants of both types and still have a spare mixing bucket.