Tormach CNC classes?

@EricP will you be teaching a class on the usage of this machine this calendar year?

The tormach classes I believe are one-on-one and are scheduled directly with @EricP. The manual mill class is a prerequisite. He will be able to let you know more, of course. Just letting you know there will not be one scheduled on the class list.

Thanks for the info!

Yep Adam is correct,
I probably will schedule the next Manual mill class for Monday or Tuesday of next week at 6pm. I will post about it when I finalize date.


Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

I am also interested in both the manual mill and the tormach classes

I’m interested in the manual mill class.

@Devmani @Littlejd97 @zackg

Posted the class on Neon for tomorrow. Asmbly Makerspace (

Hope to see you there.

@EricP i haven’t gotten any of the emails. Just making sure you’ve got the right address.

Same no emails yet nor has the class been marked as attended. pm for email if needed.

I have all the emails,
will send out in a few minutes.

Thanks Guys,