Tormach CNC class?

Hello! I just joined Asmbly and was wondering when the next class for the Tormach will be scheduled (along with any prerequisite classes)?

Thank you,

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Tormach classes are done one-on-one with @EricP and I believe intro to machining is the prerequisite


Hi Rodolfo,

I am working with the metal shop team to get more classes scheduled and we should be some new dates very soon. Stepho is correct in that you need to take Intro to Machining before taking the Tormach class.



Thanks for the info! I’ll keep my eye out for the Intro to Machining class.

Hi David, any luck getting the intro to machining class scheduled?

I will probably be the one teaching it; I hope to get on the schedule in the next couple of days.

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Great, thank you!

If it’s not too much of a bother to schedule around, I will be out of town for work next week from 13th-17th (just during the week). If not, I totally understand, I’ll just have to attend the next one. Thanks!

Intro to Machining (Manual Mill) classes are now scheduled for sign up on Neon via the website. Dates are: June 28, July 12: August 2nd, September 6, and October 4th.


Following this thread

I am signed up for the July 12nd Machining class