Tormach CNC Class

Hello all,
I have been a member for a couple months and have been enjoying working in the woodshop. I’ve had a few conversations with various members in the machine shop and they suggested i post here about potentially signing up for the Tormach CNC class (whenever it is scheduled).

I am a machinist by trade and am quite familiar with both manual and Cnc lathes/ mills. It is my understanding that the manual lathe/mill class is required before taking the Tormach class (which I understand, my trade school followed a similar curriculum). I was wondering if it would be possible to skip those classes and enroll in the Tormach class when it become available?

Sorry for the long winded question!

@EricP Is the man to talk to.


I am interested in a class as well. I have taken the manual mill and lathe classes. I am proficient in Fusion’s manufacturing functionality.

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Tormach classes are 1 on 1 I believe and scheduled personally with @EricP, so he’d be able to get you set up.

I’ll follow up with tormach class info in the next couple days


Awesome, thanks Eric!

I’d also like to take a class on the Tormach.