Tormach 4th Axis

I have a complex bit of machining to make a fixture out of Aluminum that is too big for my Pocket-NC mill to handle. I remember that there was talk about a 4th axis for the Tormach a while ago, but I haven’t been to the space since the Pandemic started back in 2020.

What’s the status of the 4th axis on the Tormach?
What’s the current runout on the spindle?
Do we have an ER11xM8, ER16xM10, ER20xM12 collet chuck/set?

I don’t know the runout of the spindle. We do not have a 4th axis. We do have ER 20 collets. I don’t know the collet sizes that we have. We do use the same collets in the cnc router.

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I believe that there is a cnc rotary table in the cabinet that’s in the metal shop. You would probably have to do some finagling to get it working with the tormach, however