Torch Education

Hello all,

Would anyone be able to share with me which class I would need to sign up for if wanted to learn more about using a torch in the welding fab zone? I’m not torching anything. I just need to heat 3/8 rods a little so that way I can bend them easier. Thanks!


@JoeN is your man to point you in the right direction. He’s got a few classes coming up soon I believe, hopefully one of them is what you need!

@guitarpicknightstand Are you wanting to heat the metal to bend a tighter radius? We don’t have an oxyacetylene torch setup at the space. You can try mapp gas. It is the yellow bottles of gas at the home box stores. I would look at nicer torch head that has an auto igniter to help speed up production. Map gas can get you close to 900 degs. I have a bottle and torch if you want to borrow to try it out?

Thanks for sharing. What would the name of that class be?

We don’t have an oxy-acetylene setup at the moment. If we do. There will be a class. If want to borrow a mapp gas bottle and torch. Let me know. I can show you how to use it. It is on the same level in terms of using a propane torch. The flame is just hotter.

Hello and thank you for responding. I would love to see how this might help me bend the metal. Are you available to meet this evening at ATX Hacker Space?