Tool Wall Organization and Silhouette Cutouts

Need volunteer to make a Corel or Illustrator file laying all the hand tools out in a template that we could laser-cut. Use your own judgement, others can give feedback and help improve.

Anything that would make the tool wall more organized, so that it’s crystal-clear where each tool goes, would be invaluable.

Great idea. I would suggest we arrange the tools on the existing wall to get things arranged the way we would like it. Are we still going to use pegboards? Or combination of peg boards/shelves/organizers. It’s good that you can see things at a glance. An angled shelf with a lip might be nice. You could have holders for wrenches, chisels, And other loose items which are grouped in sets With each item in its place So that you can see that somethings missing and be able to easily transport a it together. Things like the T- squares, Carpenter squares, triangles need a better way to keep them from falling off the wall. We could prototype it, Get a cohesive plan, and then distribute efforts to laser cut, etch, label.