Today in sublimation dye testing - non standard paper prints

During the Sew Social this evening, I once again tried out stuff with sublimation dye.

First up, and easiest, I used these sublimation blanks to make some ornaments

Then for real testing, I tried out putting a design onto tissue paper. I thought members who sell items could put their own logos on this. The pink paper is from a normal package of tissue paper I got at a drug store, and it worked beautifully. The white had a glossier shine on it, and the color didn’t transfer as well.

My favorite result of the night was when I tried to see how it would do for making a print onto very thick watercolor paper. This is a painting of mine, and honestly like this result more than I like the original artwork. The texture of the paper shows through, as not every place will press as evenly with watercolor paper. This would be less visible with a thick smooth multimedia paper.

Close up

Somewhat less successful version on water color paper was this photo of some clouds. The bleeding around the edges could work interestingly with the right picture, though

Edited to add settings:
385 F for 60 seconds and high pressure


Really nice!

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Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your experiments.

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