To those wondering if the vinyl cutter is a tool worth learning

Absolutely! It’s a very versatile tool, not just for creating stickers but also stencils and resists, plus heat transfer vinyl can be applied to fabrics for some awesome effects.

I’ve used vinyl for glass etching stencils a few times, works so well. I’ve always cut it on the laser — is there any advantage to using the vinyl cutter over a laser?

Well with the vinyl cutter you don’t cut all the way through the paper backing so it’s a lot easier to keep complicated pieces together if they have islands that aren’t connected. You can use transfer tape to transfer the entire decal/stencil at once.


Just a reminder, true vinyl is a prohibited material in the laser cutters

There is a “laser safe vinyl” priduct which is only safe in that it’s not vinyl at all. It is a similar adhesive-backed flexible material. I found this terminology to be problematic

In a laser cutter, pvc decomposes in chlorine gas and hydrochloric acid. This will corrode the machine

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Thanks Danny, important distinction — laser-safe vinyl. I believe that’s also why the backing on my stencils was never cut by my laser; whatever it’s made of, my laser couldn’t cut it.

I don’t love the laser-safe vinyl, though. The edges were prone to warping, and it didn’t store very well.