To the mystery person or Group...Well Done!

So i happened to walk into the electronics lab yesterday to look for something to snip zip ties and was greeted with the pleasant smell of a fresh lemon scent of cleaning products. Not to mention a very freshly clean and organized room, comparatively speaking. Just wanted to say, It looks great and whomever the credit goes to, it is well deserved.

I noticed much of the stuff was placed in the classroom. I am assuming for sorting/figuring out what all is there. I even noticed a couple 3D printers even a Delta printer that looks fairly new. I was surprisingly amazed at the difference that has been made so far.

Once again to the person that is leading that charge and those who are helping in general GREAT JOB!!!


Thanks for the words of praise, but in cleaning the place I made the one bench a disaster. :frowning:

I still have a lot more to do in there.