TIG welding class and metal shop safety

Hello team!

I’m new to Asmbly and am eager to take a TIG welding class.

There’s one offered this coming Sunday that fits perfectly with my schedule. However, I have not yet taken the metal shop safety class.

Am I allowed to enroll in this TIG class first, and then take the next metal safety class afterwards before starting on my project independently?




You don’t have to take MSS before the welding class, but do need to take it before using the general metal shop for projects.

Another note on the TIG class. Although not a prereq, I would highly recommend being comfortable with welding in general before taking Tig welding. Tig welding is the hardest welding to learn, and not generally a great idea for a beginner.

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Thanks, @jamesfreeman! Super helpful and will take that into consideration. I’ve worked with other welding processes, but that was a lifetime ago.

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