Thoughts on Kickstarter YesWelder Firstess CT2050

Has anyone seen this on Kickstarter and have any thoughts/opinions?

As someone who doesn’t have a home welder but needs one (and doesn’t have a lot of experience in the field) would this be good?

The only novel feature I see is the built-in air compressor for plasma cutting. Other than that, it’s in the same ballpark as the ESAB Rebel 205ic or MultiMatic 220 we have in the shop. It’s certainly cheaper, but OTOH it’s a kickstarter - you might not ever get anything for your up-front payment.

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Thanks, Jon- yeh I don’t know much about welding and respective tools but know I have a few projects coming up where I am going to need to get up to speed

I’m hardly an expert - I’m mainly comparing feature lists. I’m a little hazy on what separates a cheap welder from a nice on other than mechanical and electrical durability.

@JoeN or @EricP might have more insight on YesWelder products in general. It looks like this one adds AC support to the MP200

The MP200 brings outstanding performance for a hobbyist unit. But don’t expect the arc quality to match Miller or ESAB.

I checked out the propaganda video. Seems good for high end hobby. I know some pro welders who make fun of the brand. I like the feature sets.

I’m not one to say anything good about products from Harbor Freight. But…
Their Vulcan line of welders are fantastic. I bought the TIG machine and can’t find anything bad to say about it (I’m mostly familiar with the Miller Dynasty’s).

They’re not the cheapest welders you can find, but I’m willing to bet they’re the best value.

I’ve seen good things about their Multi-unit. I would tend to believe the good reviews after my experience with their TIG product.

Harbor Freight raised there quality and prices. I hear good things about their Vulcan series