This is a project needing some feedback

It’s been while hunkered down by Covid and then coming up with a new marketing platform for artists, (and makers) and nonprofits. I have a new project, a website, that’s a marketing platform for local artists’ work and along with that, supports nonprofits financially, informs people about their efforts and enhances goodwill.

I’m looking for some feedback. Thumbs up (or down).

I need a reality check - really. I have not run this by many artists. I wasn’t ready. But I was hoping to run the idea up the flagpole so to speak, and see if anybody would be interested in signing up and uploading some artwork - or projects that highlight what ASMBLY is all about. I’m hoping to educate the public about all the incredible things Austin does and supports including ASMBLY. And since ASMBLY is a nonprofit, ask if the board would like to update the information on the website? Open for discussion anyway.

I’m closer still a ways to launch. The website is still a little janky on a mobile phone. Working on that. Just looking for some honest feedback? midcourse correction? Ideas?

Below is one marketing idea to put local artist work in front of a lot of people in Austin throughout the year. Instead of Fredric Remington (the cowboy image below) I want to use local artists’ work. While people wait for their food from the kitchen, they could look at a bunch of art and learn about nonprofits at the same time. The QR code takes them to

Yoland’s tacos is not a real place. I just made it up to demonstrate the concept. The cards would go on restaurant foodservice stands. (Not all restaurants have these). For a donation by the restaurant to a nonprofit of their choice, they could purchase table cards that help local nonprofits and artists while earning goodwill themselves and customer loyalty.


I’d welcome some feedback or questions.

One thing I noticed immediately is that you use two adverbs which is grammatically incorrect and feels wrong to say. “Live Peacefully and Safely” works but “Live Peacefully Safely” doesn’t really

I suppose you mean “two adverbs which are grammatically incorrect”. :grin:

Fair enough lol. I ain’t no expert. Though I think I was correct because I was referring to the one thing I noticed which was the incorrect grammar not referring to the two incorrect adverbs.