Things I dont understand

In the past week or so i have seen four different persons surfacing a face of a 10’ X 10" or even a full 12" slab on the jointer . I dont understand if is being taught somewhere or is just a new technique to make sawdust. Clearly if the right technique is used, i don’t think there is a person strong enough to actually make those boards flat unless they get lucky or the boards are actually flat. I dont understand why people get aggravated when I ask them if they actually need the full 10’ length and still i tell them that most people normally cut the boards to more manageable pieces. Surely at the end of their time none of those boards were still 10’ when they left the building. I don’t understant that there are little and big signs reminding people to clean up or empty canisters if they use the equipment and still most people just walk away leaving their mess. The way i see it, my mother nor my wife are here to clean the mess i make so i think i can be an adult and take care of it without someone else telling me. Maybe my logic is in spanish since I’m mexican and my mind cannot comprehend why people make a mess and calmly walk away leaving someone else to clean it. Now one thing i do understand is that im not perfect, and there has been a few times that i have not cleaned before going home but when that happened the very next time im in a try to make it up by doing three times the cleaning.


I can’t do anything about people’s jointing techniques, but if you or anyone else is aware of people not cleaning up after themselves, just scan a red QR code and mention it.

All red Problem QR codes are the same. They are not specific, so all will work.

Just want to say that it doesn’t matter if your mother or wife were here. Each individual member is responsible for cleaning their own mess + contributing to general community cleanliness. Let’s leave the gendered stereotypes about cleaning out of the discussion, please and thank you.

As Charlie mentioned, QR codes are not only for machine problems but also problems with cleanliness. We will – and have on many occasions – suspended members for a short period of time due to verified lack of proper clean up (first occurrence is a warning and discussion). We only investigate when there is a report to go off of. If you want to contribute to the group effort of maintaining a clean community shop, kindly remind members in the moment, and scan the red QR codes to hold your fellow members accountable when they don’t follow through.