The new Makita miter saw is installed and operational

The Makita 12" miter saw (that has been hanging out by the metal annex) was installed today. It is tuned up and ready to go. I removed the ceiling over the saw. It has much better dust pickup, going to the vaccuum below. We will eventually disconnect the line to the main dust collector, as it really doesn’t need it.

There is a tip sheet hanging under the table. For standard chop saw operations, it’s pretty straight forward. Overall, it’s a more intuitive piece of equipment than the Bosch, but it is different.

It has a soft start, so the saw does not kick (yea!). Only right hand powered. The lock button is convenient to your right thumb. It is a smaller grip. The Bosch was a silly large grip.

The elevated fences are removed, and live in the drawer. If you use them, take them back off. If you try to do a tilted (beveled) cut, you WILL cut the aluminum fence extensions. Don’t do that.

As usual, don’t over tighten knobs.
Remember to turn the laser off. Right now, it’s calibrated to the left of the blade.
If you put the laser on your pencil mark, it will just leave the mark.
Always make a test cut.
The person before you may have messed with the saw.

Clean up, including behind the saw.


Thanks for taking the time to improve the place and make it better for everyone!


That Makita is a beautiful piece of kit! Thank you for getting it up and running.


We used it in Wood Shop Safety tonight and had no issues.