The "I'm Building a Bench" Informal Meetup Thread

Absolutely. I don’t know how to join parts like that. I’d like a quick course if you have the time next time we meet.

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Something silly that you may notice: the leg height is a derived value. There’s a total height, tabletop height, and a gap value. The leg height is calculated based on those values.

There may be other unintuitive settings.

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I updated the designs to have the proper trig for calculating the angle of the trapezoid based on the angle of the legs. Parts aren’t perfectly constrained but it’s getting close. I’m going to cut my parts now and stay out of Fusion


Welp… I did not realize the fancy lumber stores are not open on weekends, and tomorrow is a holiday, so I’m going to try really hard to get my parts purchased and milled Tuesday, but it’s going to be tight.

I won’t be able to make it tonight. Will do my best to follow along and catch up.

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We were able to get the tapers cut for the leg assemblies today for both myself and @Iammikecohen. I’m not really sure how to show how we were able to line up the angles. It’s harder to type out than to show. Maybe I need to me a small video demonstrating. There’s probably one out there already…

I wasn’t able to cut dados on my legs due to the router-lift being in a less-than-precision state. But @Iammikecohen was able to put his leg assemblies together because he’s joining with dominos.


This is going great. If anyone is interested in joining us next week I think we can get you caught up.


I just noticed your Idles hat. We’re going to see them + LCD SoundSustem + Jamie XX on June 8th (Nola) & 10th (Dallas).

Here’s the mounting bracket drawing. It’s so we can cut it out w/ the Shaper. But as discussed, if they’re magically programmed to be cut on the CNC - I don’t see anyone complaining. But at least if someone wants to cut it w/ the Shaper the option is available.

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It looks like you’re planning to cut the trapezoid. Will you also use the Shaper for that?

That AI file has 90 degree angles and I’m wondering how you’ll handle that.

I’m going to make a tenon out of the trapezoid on the table saw.

I don’t really understand this statement.
The center rectangle in the AI file is a mortise, and I’ll cut a tenon into the trapezoid which will be joined together.

The CNC piece won’t have perfect corners, they will be rounded by the bit. Either you’ll need to round your tenon, chisel out those corners, or add dogbone fillets to the CNCed piece.

Dogbones are probably best and should be easy to hide.

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Got it. OK.
I was assuming that I would chisel out the 90º, and just treat the CNC as a glorified hogging-out-of-material machine. Be it the Shaper or the CNC. Those counter-sunk slot holes are what I’m after more than anything. They’re a pain on a traditional router table setup.

Question: in the dimensioned view of the leg, if x = 1.25, and y = 12, what is the z dimension? also 1.25?



It’s tapered with 2.5 at the top, and 1.25 at the bottom. Michael and actually made ours 13.5”, since we planned on making ours benches and not coffee tables. (For an overall 18” bench seat)

I forgot to post an update last week, so here’s a late one. But @Iammikecohen drew up the mounting brackets in V-Carve, and cut them all out. Thanks a ton for that effort man, you saved us all a lot of slow-error prone drill press time.

In addition to the mounting brackets, we cut tenons out of our [bulkheads? Trapezoids?]. So at this point the leg assembly parts are complete (or in various stages of completion).

This Tuesday we’re going to cut the stretchers and prepare the tops. So come in hot with your stretcher and top materials. Well joking the stretchers with dominos to make life easy for us all. I’ll supply the dominos if you don’t have em.

Awesome, thanks for the update!

I updated my Fusion 360 file with @jiggliemon’s sketch for the bracket that attaches the top to the legs. It is somewhat parametric, but a little hard coded.

My bench is a different depth so I needed to make shorter brackets. The brackets were cut to size and the bench dogs on the Laguna Swift were used to get a repeatable and fairly accurate cut for the mortise and screw holes.

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[edit: typing from my phone. The following is real illiterate]

Today was more frustrating than productive.
I was trying to help @lukeg mill up his lumber but we weren’t able to do it successfully in time due to successive machine failures.

The track-saw is out of tune. Its blade appears to be cutting at 87-88°. And the positive stops aren’t set correctly. I didn’t have time to correct this, so we decided to use the jointer to square our edges.

The planer rollers are consistently gunned up and as a consequence, they mar any board you roll through them. We cleaned the rollers, but this has been a problem that we’ve seen every week. In addition to the rollers the dust collection seems to be insufficient to clear the chips from the machine. We have cleaned the dust manifold and hose on every other occasion.

The Jointer fence isn’t square. And the adjustment bolt appears to be stripped. So we couldn’t square the fence. The dust collection wasn’t working either. It appears that the blast gate was stuck closed somehow. I had to get on the ladder to manually open it. However, when the blast gate is set to Auto, it won’t open when the machine is turned on. It does open when switched to “open.” So we manually triggered it. [edit: I just checked if it’s working with Auto, and it seems to have corrected. The Auto position is working as expected.]

The table saw fence on the 5hp is out of parallel with the blade. I don’t have my dial indicator, so I couldn’t true it up. But it’s pinching the work pieces. The length indicator was also off by 1/32nd. I did reset that.

The Table-saw Sled has been getting a 1/4” groove taken out of it consistently every week. This week was no exception. It was also out of square and it had loosened from the tracks. I haven’t been able to square it, as I didn’t bring my square today, but I did reset the zero clearance.

The Miter-saw is out of 90. Honestly it’s always out of 90, so this isn’t really reporting an issue. But the dust collection was completely clogged. There was maybe 100+ off cuts clogging up the dust collection port/hose. All the way back to where it turns up into the main dust collection line. The blast gate was also turned to On. Presumably because it wasn’t working, because it was clogged. We unclogged it and I switched it back to Auto. This will need a grating to prevent off cuts from re-clogging it up again in the future. It can also do with its own dedicated vacuum/collector. Out main DC is apparently over burdened, so local collection will help reduce some of the stress.

I’m working on a fix for the jointer fence squaring issue, but it’s not trivial and I have a lot of other things taking my attention first.