Textiles room is in business! Mostly

If you haven’t looked lately, the Textiles area is ready for use. Not all of the equipment and features are up yet, but it’s getting there.
The sewing machines and serger are up and running, with their own work stations.

The embroidery machine is only capable of designs and letters that are built into the machine. The software for making your own designs is planned for the PC that will live in the textiles area.

The vinyl cutter and dye sublimation printer are waiting on a PC, and…

Please note - do not use the dye sublimation printer since it is still waiting on us to develop the process for supplies. It requires special inks and materials. Logistically, this will work in a similar way to the 3D printers.
The PC should be in there soon, and the process for dye sublimation should be together soon.

When you reserve time in the textiles area in Skedda, there is a slot for each machine. All textiles users can make use of the large central work table.


Read more about the equipment in this shop area on the wiki – Category:Textiles - Asmbly Wiki

We need a mirror.

Ah! Excellent point. Thanks for bringing that up, and I’ll see what I can find. Do you have any preferences on location in the shop?

JDS is a wholesale company that has very competitive prices for sublimation supplies and sublimatable stuff. You have to create an account. As a non-profit I think you qualify. If not, I can let you in so you can browse to compare prices and availability. Usually when i order the stuff gets to my house in less than three days.