Temporary Storage Policy

As we continue to grow and add equipment and people, it become more critical that we allocate our limited spaces wisely. Temporary storage is one of those areas that requires everybody to share considerately. In the past we have reached out to those who have left items in storage beyond the maximum storage timeframes as a courtesy. However, that is too problematic for our limited staffing and is resulting in a lack of storage space. Beginning in March items left in storage beyond the maximum timeframe indicated on the storage forms AND items without a storage tag will be removed to the scrap bin or to trash WITH OUT notification.

Two suggestions to prevent you from losing your work and materials:

  • Make sure your label is securely attached to your work. Tape does not always adhere well to wood, especially dusty surfaces.
  • Set a calendar reminder in your phone

The following form is on the storage shelving. Please print in LARGE numbers the date you are placing items in storage. Example:

Copy of Asmbly Storage Ticket & Warning Notice - 2024 - Google Docs

If you have an exemption from a steward or staff member, fill out their name and check the box indicating you have an exemption.

Paid storage is available for a monthly fee. Please see the wiki for current information.

Thanks for helping to keep the space useable for everyone!