TAZ Lulzbot Slicing Program

Hi. Which slicing program do we use for the Taz Lulzbot?


Tagging @dash3811 as I haven’t used it yet.

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It looks like Super Slicer or Simplfy3D would work. I think Greg mentioned it in the class but I didn’t see it on the computers in the lab, so I now have it on my laptop and I will update this post on my success… :smiley:

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Well, the UltiMaker Cura worked fine today. Must have been user error… although the ip addresses are still messed up. Still can’t print to CR-10S due to a networking issue I presume.

I was wrong. The problem with Ultimaker Cura is I don’t see the Lulzbot as an option for a printer.

Lulzbot has their own version of Cura you must download from lulzbots website.

Ok, thanks!