Tarkin z height issue

@TravisGood and I were lubricating the chain this morning and Travis realized the blue front panel was catching the honeycomb and causing the rear of the bed to be lower. The blue from panel is missing the upper locks causing it to touch the bed. We need to add the locks back in or make some kind of stop so the blue panel would not touch the bed.


Did you see the lift kit yet?

This is where the timing pulley would sit, well, here or lower, this is near the limit of how high it can be. The timing pulley and bearing were a tight fit and I didn’t drive it together because it might not easily come apart again

It’s one belt and motor per side. I did have to order a longer belt, the one there isn’t long enough to go over the axis 2 pullies. This will probably mean placing the motor in the middle with a couple of idlers to make it wrap around the motor pinion and the motor slides further out to tension the belt.