Tarkin Training Swap?

I’m scheduled for Tarkin training this Wednesday (with @TravisGood I think) but won’t be able to make it. I’ve got company in town.

I tried to sign up for next weeks training, which is supposed to have an open slot, but Neon acts like it’s full and won’t let me.

Would anyone who is scheduled for next Wednesday’s (the 15th) Tarkin class like to do it a week earlier? Just swap spots with me without messing around in Neon? I don’t know who you are or how to get in contact.

Otherwise I guess I just have to cancel for this Wednesday, but it looks like it’d be months before I could sign up again. :frowning:

We have a bug on the website where it isn’t counting registrations correctly when someone registers more than one person in one go, so I think that’s what’s happening there. Haven’t had time to fix it.

We are looking at potentially adding more of these classes this month and for sure lots of sessions in January, so it is probably best to just go ahead and cancel your Wednesday class now so you can still get refunded, then watch for more classes. Email membership@asmbly.org to cancel (you can just reply to the event registration email).