Tarkin red-tagged [2/6] (RESOLVED)

Tarkin is producing a double image as shown in the attached photo – those are supposed to be simple rectangles. It also seems underpowered vs its usual self, as it couldn’t go through 1/8" acrylic at 100% power and 20mm/s or even 10mm/s (the darker of the two cut attempts shown).

I’d love to tag Noam Wolfson who has the reservation at 8pm as a heads-up, but I don’t know their username – if you do, please let them know.

I’ve emailed Noam to let them know.

@ashleyrlee and @J-LoM - keep an eye out here

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Thanks for the heads up!

Tarkin has been repaired.


Fantastic – thank you!

Confirmed. Focus seems quite clean, and power is more like I’d expect than last round. Thanks for fixing!

I’ve signed up now, thanks for the e-mail notification.

Welcome to discourse Noam!