Tarkin not working during the class

I was working on an issue with Dorian and Tarkin went down. The problem I keep having with Dorian is people not turning on the chiller because they already plugged it in.
Tarkin seems like it is out of focus somewhere. The red laser is barely showing and when it cuts it is not doing anything. I am not sure what happened we had two really poor cuts and then I went to Dorian and now Tarkin is out for the class at least. I have tried a few things but I hope that it is easy to fix it is my favorite.

The chiller is just an error message and they just turn around and turn it on, right?

Is the cone getting hot? I did notice the #3 mirror adjuster didn’t lock down correctly, I have a fix planned and can do that tonight.

Let’s red-tag this for now

can confirm - Tarkin not cutting well at normal settings that worked previously.Two passes and not cutting thru acrylic. focusing dot is barely visible.

There is no red-tag on the machine right now. Where are tags for this? Figured it out with help from Lisa

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Confirmed loose adjuster. Fixed