Tarkin machine profile

Installed my own copy of Lightburn and I’m trying to make sure the settings match the default settings for Tarkin. The wiki only lists the device type and bed size.

It also states:
“a better alternative would be to download the current Tarkin machine profile here [TBD]”

…but there is no link…

Can anyone provide one please? Thanks!

There are two files of interest- the machine profile contains machine config, but really only the fact that it’s a Ruida and its bed size and origin location matter to the project.

The other is the cut settings library, that’s a separate file. That will allow you to fill out the layer settings at home with some guidance, and estimate machine time on jobs that are not highly acceleration-dependent.

However, I couldn’t upload either of them to the wiki, it only allows graphics files. We need to change that so I can share the files there.

I see… I guess there’s not a way to post it on this forum either? Or is there a DM option? I’m new to navigating around “yo”.

Perhaps next time I’m at Asmbly I could just copy down the settings manually. Haven’t signed up as a member yet. Was hoping to learn the Lightburn software first, create a few things, then become a member and hit the ground running. I’ve only taken classes thus far…

The wiki allows whatever files we want it to allow. Please email me the files for testing and I’ll get the upload settings fixed.

Don’t we have some sort of online repository where people share designs and such? It might be good to post those files there as well.

I believe the wiki is the best place for it, but the server settings need to be changed to allow it. It’s ASCII. Technically I could paste the content on a dedicated wiki page and you could highlight everything and copypasta into a text doc and save with the correct extension, but it seems like just getting the wiki setup to allow the file is the correct path

LocalSettings.php needs:
$wgFileExtensions = array( “clb”, lbset" );

This seems like something good for the GitHub repo too. Easy to track the changes made over time to the library/config.

It’s just a text file, create any text file and give it a .clb or .lbset extension