TARKIN- Is the entire space of the bed available for use?

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I haven’t been to the space in a bit and was wondering if the sensor has been moved yet? Is the entire size of the laser bed available to be used yet?



Not yet, hasn’t been a priority, haven’t seen people needing more in the Y just yet, but it’s simple enough to add more. I left a new inductive prox sensor there, along with metric square nut to hold in the mini-slot. It needs a small, simple mount fabricated, I can show someone what it needs.

The existing sensor’s bracket is held on to the frame with VHB tape. As strong as VHB is, it will release with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol.


Gotcha, so all we need is to find a person to fabricate a mount? Is there anything I can do to help get this ready? I havent been using the space bc I need to use the full size of the bed—so I will gladly do anything to help get it ready.


Following up on this! Is there anything I can do to make this happen?

This needs to mount in the mini t-slot rail. I have this sensor in end-sense ("+" face) on the narrow square end and one where it faces up from one end of the long side. I believe the t slot is 4mm. There is a mounting hole in the sensor body, maybe 2.5mm, facing the same direction as the side-sense face. I have screws and forming tap.

I see it mounting horizontally, with the sense face upwards. Note the hole is 90 deg from the mini t-slot orientation. The bottom of the sensor is roughly level with the top of the t-slot opening but it may need to be shimmed into a precise location. When sensing aluminum, the sense gap is quite small.

This will replace the green prox sensor on an aluminum angle iron, which also blocks travel where it sits now. This is VHB’ed in place very tightly but rubbing alcohol will release it on demand.

If the sensor’s in the right place it just snaps into the quick-splice in place of the existing one

Excellent! Is that the piece that needed to be fabricated? So, if i am understanding correctly—we just have to install this sensor now? If so, would you have time tonight or tomorrow during the day and I could meet you there to help install? Or when would be a good time for you to meet to install?

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The piece just needs to be fabricated. It’s just a simple thing to hold the sensor. It can be aluminum or delrin

How can we fabricate this/ who can fabricate it? Does it have to be 3D designed? How would we make it out of aluminum?

I fabricated and installed it last night of of Delrin. It has 1M, although part of it in front- about an inch- is past the honeycomb in front. The wide cable drag tray in back interferes with the motor so it doesn’t go all the way back now, but it does have 1M.

I bumped width up to 1625mm. That gives a bit more extend space for raster.

Before I went to bed though I did remember the camera was added to the lid in front. We need to check that the head can’t collide with it if the head is moving at the very front of the machine

You are the best danny!!! Thank you so much, I was able to crank out a big project for a client already!

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