Tarkin config upgraded

I went with some new parameters, which seems to correct some inexplicably buggy behavior inside Ruida. It should be smoother handling curves now.

Everything seems to check out ok, but if you find something weird, let me know

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Thanks for always improving Tarkin’s behaviors Danny!

Thanks also. I had a piece where it was wandering off curves. See the outline around the top of the 2 and 0. Is this the sort of behavior the new config improved?

It could, but also it could create new probs. Are you saying this is a job run before the upgrade?

Can you leave a copy of this file on the drive? I think there’s a “/TarkinProbs” folder, or something close to that.

Yeah, I ran this a couple weeks ago. Was thinking it might just be too fast for the finer detail or something. I used the library preset for 0.5mm deep fill+line. The fill part seemed fine but the line wandered a lot when racing around the tight curves. I didnt have much time to try lower speed and lower power. I’ll leave the file and try it again next time I’m in.