Tarkin Basic Fabrication Help

We’ve got a task on the new monster laser Tarkin that @dannym could use an assist on. It’s a bit of taking apart and putting some stuff back to together. Danny will need to meet to show and explain in person, but might be able to add a little more info here to give more context. We greatly appreciate the help here so we can get this huge laser online ASAP (it is Red’s replacement).

The 2 front lifters on the Z need a short piece of aluminum angle iron about 1"x1.5"x2" installed to stabilize the lifter against unintending rotation that can make the platform shift if shoved hard. It looks like disassembling this enough to remove the lifters would be unreasonably difficult.

I am seeing this can be corrected by just using JB weld to attach the angle iron to the side of the lifter, and drill and tap an M5 in the aluminum bar that reinforces the edge of the bed. Most likely the bed needs to be lifted out (heavier than I thought, I think that will need 2 people) and the bars lift out to drill and tap. Unless someone sees a way to do this in situ and somehow drill an accurate hole there and then tap it.

I have a fractional bit set and M5 threadformer. It’s easier to show, it’s not actually that complicated

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Is the aluminum angle meant to keep the table from shifting front to back or left to right? Also everyone who is wanting to see this laser completed. Here is your chance to be a part of helping it to completion.

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Also the inductive proximity switch on the left for XHome isn’t close enough the carriage to trip as the carriage passes by. I did some research and found this will work really well with a different profile of inductive prox switch that weirdly just isn’t available in USA. I ordered a bunch of them but they’re not going to be here for awhile so we do need some hack to use the sensor we have until I get the part it needs. It could just be a spacer, like 1/4", to place it closer to the carriage’s metal.

I have a class tomorrow from 9 till 12. I can look the spacer after class? I can have that made this upcoming week.

@dannym Let me know if you can meet around Sat. 12:15?