Take the dust to the trash

When you empty a dust collector, please don’t leave it in a trash can. For one, the transfer causes a plumber of dust. Two, take it to the dumpster.

Four trash cans full, and the table saw dust collector was bursting. To share the love, one of the trash cans by the table saw, had laser scrap on top. Because the scrap can by Red is full. Really?

How about we put a red line on all cans at the halfway mark, and officially include in our mandatory shop policy “you must empty any can past this line that you use, even if it was past that point before you arrived”.

BTW if you want to do that, the best answer for making that highly visible line in polyethylene plastic trash cans is going to be 1/2" gaffer tape, it comes in bright colors. Available on Amazon


I haven’t been at the shop in awhile (unfortunately,) but this problem seems to have been ongoing for many months now.

When I was visiting the space regularly, I would typically come in about 8pm or so, and leave towards midnight. Most times I was the last person out, and even though I had only produced a small amount of waste, I’d end up emptying ~3 trashcans. Sometimes, I’d empty the planer collector as well.

Perhaps we could implement a rule where each person needs to empty at least 1 trashcan when they visit? I suppose this would need to include the dust collectors. If everyone did this, even if it was right when they came in, it’d probably solve this issue. It could be added to the checkbox list when you sign up on Skedda for visibility.

I thought that filling out a log would be helpful, although I’m not sure that’s a maintainable solution.


I like the idea of it being a thing you do upfront when you arrive. I know logically it makes more sense to do it at the end so that you are cleaning up what you created, but I also know that realistically we’re often tired by the end and wanting to get out as quickly as possible. Making it a practice to do it while you’re fresh might be a good start in shifting the current behavior. I can add a checkbox on Skedda if we decide to include that in a new approach.

Hi Cain
Sorry that that’s happening. We already have the check boxes on Skedda saying that members will take time to clean up common areas. Unfortunately, many don’t follow up on that. We’re working on this, but ultimately, it’s up to members to clean up after themselves, and help to keep the community space clean. Talk to a steward, if one is around. Report quickly if you see something amiss. It would be better for everyone if we simply cleaned up after ourselves. Chasing people down and imposing consequences is the unfortunate result of folks not doing their part, abiding by the membership agreement, or complying with the Skedda agreement with each booking.

Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking @valerie

And it’s alright @cfstaley, that’s not what has caused me to not show up recently. I simply haven’t had a lot of free time. Thankfully, I’ll be taking a week off soon, and will be able to start a few projects finally :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share my experience. And yeah, unfortunately I think asking only goes so far, and at some point people probably just need to be held accountable.

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