Tablesaw/miter saw dust collection memo

Noticed the Auto dust collection wasn’t kicking on when I was using the table saw.
Welp, I just manually turned it on and then off each time.

If you are turning it on, remember to turn it off!

Thank you for the reminder about shutting it off. We are waiting on some parts to fix the blast gates to make them automatic again.

Do we need to setup a sign to remind people to turn this on and off in the mean time?

Sounds like a great idea

That’s a general thing that’s been on my mind for a while. We should probably have a standardized “DO NOT OPERATE THIS MACHINE WITHOUT DUST COLLECTION” warning that we can subtitle with details on which collector to turn on/check/empty. It’s one of those things that’s easy for an occasional woodshop user to forget, and hard to make completely automagical.

The power supply and sensor for the gate was replaced and was working, I can replace the whole setup but it seems to me that since the IVAC is before the blower the starting cap on the motor is not being charged so during startup it pulls more current than it normally would, thus tripping the circuit.

There is a label maker in the workshop cabinet if someone would like to put a label on it as john suggested.

isn’t it conventional for the power switch to be in series with the motor and starting cap? At least for smallish (<2hp) stuff.

The old impeller got replaced with a larger impeller causing more amp draw on start up. Danny replaced the original ivac controllers circuit breaker with a larger capacity circuit breaker to compensate. We should look at a 220v ivac controller and 220v motor. We are beyond the means and capacity of the 120v system.

Hah. Coincidentally, I’m also upgrading my 120V iVac to a 240V. Is there anyplace the shop could make use of another 120V iVac?

The delta dc could use a 120v ivac. It is near the planer