Table top with hexagons (not flat!)

Disposition is getting under way and there’s lots of stuff ready to go and more getting lined up. Much of what’s in the classroom is up for disposition, but not all of it . If it hasn’t been explicitly stated as up for disposition, please ask before taking it.

This table top is up for grabs to the first person to claim it and make it disappear. It’s warped with hexagons CNCed into it, some filled with epoxy some not. It has those plain IKEA silver legs you can screw into anything (which we could maybe use, but also fine with going with the table top). If no one wants it, might be good scrap to use for Woodshop Safety class? You can find it in the back left corner of the lounge.

This table top are officially in last call state. If it isn’t gone by this weekend (5/7/21), then someone please dispose of it. Woodshop teachers – do you see any use for this as scrap material in classes?
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