Table saw triggered on 5/4 and replacements done

just wanted to post that i triggered the cartridge in the saw last night accidentally with the miter fence. i replaced it with the help of another member who’s name i cant remember, but was working on the cnc while i was there. there was already a cartridge and blade available for replacement so we just knocked it out.

i purchased a new cartridge and blade and dropped them off in the drawer with all the old used safety cartridges next to the chop saw. i also dropped a set of grub screws in there for the dust shield inside the saw.

we also replaced the flap thing inside the saw. we installed the new one with the old bolt but there was no set screw in the holder. i just mentioned above that i left a few sizes of screws that will hopefully fit for the bolt in the dust shield hinge pin.

The original hinge pin has been gone for months. The door that was just in there had been ripped off it’s hinge, but someone hot glued a magnet on it that actually worked really well. It held closed tighter than just the bolt.

yes it did work. but there was actually a new one of those doors so we swapped it out. there is a grub screw missing from the bolt but that should fix the issue completely. espcially if someone wants to grind a small flat into the large bolt to let the grub screw hold better.

i can do it tomorrow when i go up there

I was the one that super glued the magnet to the old door. Which can be done to the new one as well if that works better. I am also the one who helped him replace the blade and cartridge yesterday. Hope your speaker sounds good.


thanks for helping gregory!

maybe i’ll superglue that on there and put the grub screw in when im up there tomorrow.

what did you do with the old door?

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its in the stewards cabinet. I can take care of it later this evening when i go up there.

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