Table Saw Sawdust

Last night I noticed there is a ton of sawdust in the table saw (by the blade and in the cabinet). Some of it by the blade seems to be stopping it from going all the way down.

I did what I could with the shop vac but didn’t have time to take the blade out or completely shovel the cabinet. I removed a few pounds of sawdust but it seems theres more to go.

Perhaps the table saw is due for a full cleanout or maybe we can chip away at it little by little. Some of it may be due to times when dust collection was backed up.

Anyway I’ll keep working on it next time I come in if someone doesn’t get to it first!


Thanks for giving everyone a heads up on this and working to clean out what you could! I’m sure others will chip in and help get this under control. I imagine this may have been a result of the dust collection system getting too full and backed up, so everyone working to stay on top of that should help prevent this from occurring often. Correct me if I’m wrong there @EricP or @JoeN.

That seems correct to me

Some things to check: make sure the door on box around the blade is closed. It was just replaced, and can get popped open when accessing the riving knife, swapping the blade, etc… That door is part of the vacuum system, enclosing the blade. Remove the table insert, and it’s easy to see. Either there is a wall to the right (the door), or it’s hanging open. It lifts up about 1/4 inch to latch, as you close it. Also check the hose attachment to the back of the saw, at the blast gate. Is it pulling vacuum? Next is the hose from the blade box to the wall of the saw. That blocks up from time to time, and can get packed with sawdust. If that happens, you have to disconnect, inside the saw, and clean it out. If you do get inside the saw, it’s also good to scoop out any sawdust and vacuum the interior while you are there.

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