Table saw left on

Hey everyone - this is the third time I’ve come in the shop with the table saw left on, blade up and sawdust everywhere. I know it’s easy enough to check Skedda to see who might have been in the shop last but there isn’t a way of knowing for sure who keeps doing this. Leaving a mess is inconsiderate for everyone else in the shop but leaving the table saw on with blue exposed is just asking for trouble. Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening moving forward?

Also, what are the protocols of running pine 2x4s from HD through the planer with the staples still in? Not trying to call anyone out but I’ve seen this happen a few times and then notice the rollers are a little gummed up when I try using it (assuming from the pine sap).

Thank you for posting. The table saw is to be turned off, blade lowered, and cleaned. Remember we all share the space together.

I also noticed that the bandsaw had a couple of thick copper wire cut off ends next to the blade so I assume someone was cutting them on the bandsaw? Either that or the bandsaw needs to be red tagged if it’s wires are being worked on.

@dfell12 Sorry the wires are mine. I forgot to throw them away after fixing the light switch. No wires were cut on the saw

No worries - glad they weren’t for the band saw!

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