Table saw Fence skewed

Did the fence always skew to about 86 degrees or is that new? I noticed it today when using it that once I clamped down it would shift a few degrees. If this has always been how it operates ignore me.

Did you measure it at 86 degrees? Usually we have to occasionally square it up with the blade. I believe @cfstaley did it last, but that was probably a few months ago now. Probably needs to be done again.

nah it was pure eyeball against the t-track and a guess. It isn’t much, but then again it doesn’t take much to ruin a cut.

Yeah for sure, 89.9 degrees still isn’t great! I’ve never done it myself, but I can try to take a look next time I’m in.

The fence has 2 screws that set the fence angle and it needs to be checked. Our blades would be burned up on the front or back edge if it was that out of skew

I have aligned the fence so it is parallel, has good clamping pressure and the scale is calibrated.