Table saw comments

The sled question prompted me to start this thread.

Table saw issues:
Fence was grossly out of alignment and would not lock tight - repaired
If you were noticing issues on tracking, and staying put, it has been adjusted.
Yesterday, it was cutting very true to the right reticule.

That being said, the table is slightly off angle from the blade. The right miter slot is a little closer to the back of the blade than the front (1/64 ish? spec is +/- .008, or 1/128). Joe and I will be adjusting this in the next few weeks.

As many of you may know, the left miter slot is worn. It is wider at the front than towards the back. The right miter slot is fine.

A new center table top is about $500. As we work towards a new integral Sawstop slide, I think that replacing the main table would be a good investment, giving us essentially a new saw.


Thank you Charlie.

I have a Pinnacle saw gauge and dial indicator. Let me know when you are planning to dial in the arbor.

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