Table Saw Blade

Sorry, I know this is probably the wrong place but there doesn’t seem to be a QR code on the table saw.

I used the table saw earlier today and when putting the original blade back in the whole mechanism dropped back into the table and I can’t figure out how to get it back into position. This happened after our woodworking safety class on Wednesday as well.

Is the brake fired?

At what point did it drop?

lower the blade all the way and raise it back up. The blade will follow. It is part of the safety mechanism.

Nope. It dropped in the process of putting the blade back on.

Ah, ok. Easy enough. Thank you.

It has been dropping lately, while changing the blade. It happened to Charles L and it happened to me. It’s on my list to call Sawstop and see why it would drop during a blade change, with no power

On a side note, any red QR code will work. Those are not specific. The codes should be on the front of the Sawstop

The Sawstop facebook group has had a lot of questions about how to get the blade back where it belongs after the brake fires, and people always say run it all the way down until it latches and then raise it back up. I wonder if we’ve had so many brake fires our latch has worn out? Or perhaps we’ve sprung a spring?

@TravisGood mentioned that a member was vacuuming out the Sawstop and found a bolt and spring in the bottom of the main compartment. We gave it to @jamesfreeman. Not sure if that might be a part of what’s going on here?

I left the bolt in the facilities cabinet. I didn’t have time to look at the saw, but can later in the week. FWIW the saw was used fine during the rest of the day.

For what it’s worth, I was using it today and it seems to be operating fine. Definitely good to take a deeper look, but just to be clear it is still good to use.

Photo of bolt and spring, please?
I’m planning on taking to Sawstop this week. With the blade dropping during blade change, it could be related. And as that’s also part of the safety feature, there’s a chance that it’s critical.

Please take a picture of the mystery bolt and spring and be sure they are stored in a safe place.
SawStop is well-documented and has an old-fashioned service line that has the employees with specific technical knowledge answering the emails and they will readily provide high quality, responsive technical assistance to anyone using a SawStop. They have parts diagrams and virtually every part, including individual screws and springs, are orderable as replacements.

Bolt is at the shop in the cabinet. I am not able to take a pic right now.

@Danny it’s the boltnI showed you Sunday.

Regarding the blade dropping, Sawstop got back to me and said that it is designed to drop if you push on it. So they were not worried about this behavior.

I didn’t get a look at that bolt, and still need to, so that remains a mystery. Extra parts from original assembly? LOL