Table saw blade backwards

Yesterday (W, 5/11) when I got to the shop at about 3 pm, the table saw came on with a solid red light, which led me to discover that someone had put the saw blade back on backwards. Don’t do that.

(I might have discovered this by dumb luck, because the solid red light came on again later because the right cabinet side came open; it doesn’t latch properly.)

Also, the brush that keeps dust from going through the opening by the raising/lowering wheel fell off. The magnet doesn’t hold it sufficiently and the tape someone had used instead had weakened. I cleaned the old tape off and re-taped it in place, with a heavier duty double-stick tape.

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Reminder - we have a quick tutorial on changing the table saw blade, in which @mazsalimi reminds of the appropriate orientation of the teeth


Thank you for reinstalling the brush. I used some random double sided tape I had on hand (not the best) and probably did not sufficiently clean the frame first.


I’m one of the new stewards, so it’s part of the job. :slight_smile: And my box of consumables has grown to include several double stick tapes and a small bottle of rubbing alcohol, so it was easy.

I’ve got some b7000 up there, best adhesive for brush to magnet