Superman Sandpaper Cutting Fixture

Thanks to @clayD ,Clay Douglass, for building this awesome jig. It allows you to cut your own paper for the Supermax sander. You’ll need a heavy duty utility knife (not one of the tiny snap blade ones). Side the paper in, then there is a slot for the knife to cut. Flip the paper around and repeat.

A box of 3 pre-cut rolls is around $35, at Woodcraft.
A 75 foot roll of paper is $40, from Maverick, plus shipping. Call it $45. (You can find cheaper imported paper, but make sure to compare roll length).
You get 6 strips from that 75 foot roll.

So about $12 per strip, vs $8.


This is an awesome jig! Maverick has amazing abrasives and is worth every dollar!

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Awesome jig! I was using the SuperMax a week ago. Having bought some sandpaper I needed to cut it to length. Luckily there was an old piece of sandpaper there that I could clip to it as a pattern for both the angle and length. This would have made the job so much easier. Good Job!