Suggestion: add class name to surveys

In the “Your Feedback is Requested” after class surveys, it says…

We hope you enjoyed your class yesterday!

Asmbly is always looking to improve our class offerings. As part of that goal, we hope you will take a minute to respond to a very brief survey about your class.

The only problem is that I took two classes yesterday. I’m assuming that the survey email I received first corresponds to the 9am class and the email I received second corresponds to the 10am class, but it would be helpful if the email mentioned it.

I’m sure it’s a rare edge case that someone takes two classes in a day, so maybe not worth the effort if it’s hard to include.

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Hey Aneel,

It’s rare that we have students taking two classes in one day, but not unheard of! I agree with your idea to be more specific in the post-class survey, and I’ve passed your suggestion off to the IT team to see if we can implement it. Thanks!


I just want to second this – this happened to me and I have paused filling in the survey because I don’t know which one is for which class.