Sublimation fail

Funny thing happened today in the wild world of sub printing where my samples came out perfectly and my final images all failed.

  • I’m using 100% polyester fabric.
  • I’m printing through Sawgrass Print Manager
  • The sample color wheel and final image are on the same fabric
  • Heat press settings were the same

So why did the first sample come out perfectly and the subsequent ones (I tried two) did not?

Same thing happened with a linen/rayon blend I tried.

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Well that is definitely weird.

One thing I tried to test when I was in last was the temperature of the heat press in various different parts of the plate, but my infrared thermometer battery died almost as soon as I got there. So the affiliated question - do you remember if you were pressing in roughly the same spot on the heat press between test pieces and what was meant to be the final product?

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