Stuffing for ottoman suggestions?

Hey all, I recently bought a leather ottoman cover that comes unstuffed without really considering what material I’d stuff it with or where I’d source it.

It’s ~35" diameter x 18" high and I’d love for it to be firm enough to sit on without breaking the bank on stuffing. My current plan is to get a few used mattresses/toppers and cut them to size, but would love to hear if anyone has any other suggestions. Looking online seems that new memory foam isn’t quite cheap in the volume I need & I’m trying to do this for under ~$200.

Anyone have experience sourcing memory foam or other inserts for couches/ottomans?

Do you mind sharing a photo of what your cover looks like?

Sometimes it makes sense to build a rigid structure and then cover that with foam, but depends on a few factors, of course

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I use but I know Sailrite sells foam now too


@stepho ah so you think there might not be enough rigidity with just foam? here’s some reference photos (can’t upload media yet sorry)

@Sarah ooh that’s an amazing resource, thank you!!

I think the sites that Sarah is mentioning is probably your best starting point. With the range of options, one of those types of foams might have the rigidity needed. I think I’ve gotten too accustomed to only having the mediocre options at Joann available! :sweat_smile:

For a local supplier you can try “Capital City Upholstery Supply”. Capitol City Upholstery Supply

They’re south down off 71 and 1st.

They’ll have samples so you can checkout the firmness of the available foam, batting and other supplies and would also be able to cut out circles so you don’t have to do It yourself.


I second the recommendation for Capitol City upholstery supply. They’re really helpful there.

I also support Stephanie’s suggestion of rigid foam, or even a plywood frame that you then cover in a top layer of foam and wrap with batting or thinner foam. This will of course depend on how far around the case the zipper goes.

You might look into shredded foam too. I think you can get a surprising density with that stuff and it’s surely cheaper

In case anyone finds this helpful, I ended up snagging a cheap used mattress and cutting it to size. The cuts were very rough and I maybe should’ve “over stuffed” it to give it a more full look, but overall I’m pretty pleased with how it looks and it’s super comfy!
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