Students Need Help Designing Cooler

Vista Ridge High School runs a program called the INCubator where students form teams with a goal of pushing a product idea to market and forming a real LLC. Many positive ripple effects and professionalism lessons to be had, and our company TyRex Group has been mentoring on and off for a few years as needed.

One team this year is making a cooler for tailgating or camping that has attached speakers, blender, etc. so someone doesn’t have to carry several things to a tailgate or party. They’ve formed an LLC and have worked with an electrical engineer to obtain the power and battery needs. However the design firm they contacted wants $15,000 to help design their product.

Are any ASMBLY members interested in projects like this? Mentorship could be a simple initial consultation / recommendation, or could move way beyond depending on interest level. I’m asking a few folks in my professional circles as well as of course doing what we can internally, but was turned on to ASMBLY recently and thought I’d try putting the request out to the group.

Thanks for considering!

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Hey Joel,

This is Alex Gao, I came into your office to drop off my resume in 2022 and later came to demo our 3D printed parts. It’s great to see you here!

I’d be interested to learn more about what they’re doing and perhaps can help with design/consultation.

Let me know.