Storage Options

Hello all.

My car went up in smoke (literally), so I am looking for storage here to keep my materials. It is nothing too large (filament, electronic parts, etc.) Is there any storage available?

Dang sorry that happened. Did your car burn?

@Keiarra sorry to hear that! There is always the option of 7-day shelf storage (though that is really for active projects, so probably isn’t the best option). More appropriate might be the paid storage spots in the loft above the metal shop. I think there are some spots available. I believe you can talk to @valerie about renting one of those.

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I believe @Mollie can also help with paid storage

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Yes, we have paid storage spots available. They are $25/mo for a 2x2ft space. You can rent more than one space if needed.

We also plan to convert the other side above tormach into paid storage and can fast track that if there is demand for more space.