Stitching pony for hand sewing

I finished the IKEA hack stitching pony. I can leave it in the textile area if folks would find that helpful. I know it will be used once the leathercraft area is set up. Here’s the guide I followed:

Set it on the ground between your legs. It locks with a bicycle wheel quick release. Sometimes you need to fiddle with the tension on that to get it to open enough for your piece but also lock tightly.

It works well for stitching smaller items. I found this tutorial really helpful for learning to saddle stitch.


Nice work! Functional and it looks good.

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OMG ok I have to make one for!! What did it cost all-in?

Well done! Looking forward to seeing the final modifications you mentioned.

Bravo Andrew!

That’s excellent – thank you for setting it up for us. I might test it out as early as this weekend :smiley:

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Thanks! @Branislav I took it home to size some magnets and glue the leather protective leather on the clams, but it should be back in the space on Monday.

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Total cost was a little under $30