Steel Workers - Looking for someone to help make a table base

Hi y’all, I have a client that is interested in a specific style of table legs that I cannot seem to source online. I was hoping someone here would be able to give me a quote on some custom table legs - we can co-build the table together. See the image below.
6x6 steel beams, V shaped, H-29" W-35-40", Depth (6x6 steel beam)
V legs

@awd246 would you like to schedule a time to discuss the design and work and come up with a quote? My name is Andres De La Garza by the way I’m also a member at Asmbly and mostly do fabrication/machining projects for fun and as a full time occupation. Let me know your availability if you would like to move forward with your project with my help.

Happy making!

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I’ll be having my intro to TIG welding class at the space tomorrow 1 PM - 4PM if you want meet after we can sit and discuss the project.

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Hey Andres, I’m sorry for the delay. I don’t have notifications turned on for discourse.
Can you shoot me an email to ? Ill be easier to reach that way.