Steel supplier nearby

Hi guys,

I’m trying to build some steel chairs for my new table but I’m new in Austin and not sure where I could get some reasonably (even cheaply) priced steel?

I found Westbrook metals online but they don’t have their price. Is it good or would you guys suggest something else?

Thank you,

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There are 2 metal suppliers in town- Westbrook, and Metals4U. Actually, both are now owned by the same company, but they’re managed differently.

Both price uncut metals similarly according to market. Protip: to browse prices, go to because they follow market prices too. Westbrook and Metals4U prices will be in that ballpark.

Their cutting policies for less than full-length stock are different between the 2 shops, it does change the price, but not by much for linear stock at least. Plate can be a different matter. You will need to call ahead to get stock custom cut, and they may give you an availability date a day or two later.

There are 3 categories- there’s full uncut stock, there’s “cut stock” of the remainders after someone buys part of it (only slightly cheaper, avoids like a $5 cut fee) and at least Metals4U has every piece of that on computer to tell you what’s available in exactly what length. There is also a scrap area where you can pick up smaller remnant pieces quite cheap of various profiles of steel, aluminum, stainless, and copper.

Fair warning- Metals4U parking lot is HELL during their busy hours. It is small, an awkward “L” shape, often blocked with huge trucks, and there is often obstructions of metal shipments laid out on the lot, sometimes very low and difficult to see in your mirrors. You cannot park on the street, as that is I35’s access road. But Westbrook is a straight shot to drive up to.


If you are only looking for steel and only steel. I would check out Asero Metal. Their phone number and email response is so so. They are quick in person. Their prices are generally less expensive that the other stores in town.

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Thank you Danny for your response,

I’ll definitely check them out, it’s always hard to find the right suppliers when you just move to a new place.

I visited the metals4U website and they seem quite pricey compared to what I was expecting. It’s probably due to the tariffs and the fact that they’re an online supplier?

I built some table legs out of 2"x3"x3/16" steel a couple month ago that I bought from a welding company down in Bryan, TX and they charged me $58 for a 24ft tube. Not sure if it was a mistake but I remember it was really cheap. The metals4U seems to charge quite a lot more for the same length and dimensions. Maybe the quality is better though.

Thank you Joe for your suggestion, I’ll try to get a quote from them, and maybe I’ll just go in person if they’re not really responsive online.

Looking forward to meeting you guys in the steel shop. By the way, any idea @JoeN when the safety course for new members are expected to take place?

Some of the metal prices are a bit higher here since we are further from a major port.

@axel are you looking for the metal shop safety or woodshop safety. I assume metal shop?

In most cases there is no variation in quality, it’s all about industry spec. This stuff isn’t branded at all. Once you specify 1" x 1" x 0.25" Aluminum Angle 6061-T6, that’s it. There’s no quality difference anywhere you go, except for damage in handling.

If you’re a mfg that wants to make 6061-T6 stronger, or better in any way, then it’s NOT 6061-T6. Any variation whatsoever comes with other consequences, like it may be more prone to stress cracking, or corrosion in certain environments, or welds differently, which is unacceptable as this stuff goes into buildings and chemical plants and vehicles.

But there is of course different products. Standard stock of “steel bar” could be one of several common alloys/conditions, like hot rolled vs cold rolled. Stainless. And there’s a ton of specialty and exotic stuff like chrome-plated steel or anodized aluminum and specialty alloys, but you’re just looking for the standard stock.

“$58 for a 24ft tube” yeah that’s way below market price.

Yep right after Trump did the tariff thing, the prices jumped up accordingly. Market’s been a little more pricey ever since.

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Hi Joe,

Yes I’m looking at the metal shop safety. I’m already signed up for the wood shop one and it’ll be on Wednesday evening. That’s no rush I still need to buy the metal and it might take me a week at least. I’m sure I’ll get to meet you soon and we can talk about it in person too.

Thank you Dannym for the info, I really don’t know all that much about steel but I do enjoy welding and making stuff at a minimum price if possible. I know I won’t be making any structural built - mainly because my welds are not all that great and also because I’m just making little furniture but that’s good to know and I’ll keep that in mind.

Yes that’s interesting how much it varies between countries. In France where I’m from it’s about $100 dollar cheaper per metric ton but I just read that china is going to increase their production of steel to offset the loss due to covid. Hopefully it’ll have a positive impact on the cost of steel here…

Thanks all for the info, love the metals4u scrap bin! just want to post metal class signup form for @JoeN and @EricP and any interested members - Alex, I see you’re in there - awesome.

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Thanks Kye, yes I am interested in the safety course for the metal shop and could be in there at pretty much any time of the week. I put my name down on the excel spreadsheet but there’s no time associated with it.
When do you think that could be possible?

I am also interested in the metal shop class, my availability is also pretty much wide open

Awesome Brian, hopefully they can find some time this week or next.

I ended up calling a few steel supplier in the area and here’s what I got for 24’ of 1-1/2 X 1-1/2 X 1/8:

Westbrook: $44.6
South Austin Metals: $40.4
Metals4U: $41.0
Manchaca Metals: $39.0
Asero: $30.90

I ended going to Asero as Joe was suggesting and they’re pretty neat. I’d recommend them.

@axel What kind of steel did you get? That looks really high, this is what I found and the prices I was expecting:

Edit: NVM, I miss read the 24’ (feet) for 24" (inches)

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